How will Google rank your website in 2012:

How Google Ranks Your Website:

Google had Google bots and Bing has Bing bots.   These spiders scan and index every webpage and the content of your website and determine whether or not your site is relevant for the keywords that users are searching for.  We, the users are considered to be Google’s “Product.” Google’s advertising revenue in 2011 was over $30 billion, which means they have a lot invested in providing the users with the most relevant search result.  Below are some very important factors Google and other major search engines considers when their spiders visit your website. (They are in no particular order)
Here are the top 6 factors Google considers when your website is indexed:

  1. There is an old saying in the SEO community: “Content is King”

This is still very true in 2012.  When was the last time you updated content on your website?  Google loves fresh content that is current and relevant.  Be sure your websites are abiding all the guidelines of Title Tags for Search Engine Optimization.

  1. Domain Age:

There are over 300 million website on the Internet…lot of them end up being skateboard sites – They are here today but might not be there tomorrow.  For this reason, if your domain has an est. in 1990 you will have higher chances of showing up on Google than a newbie site.

  1. Domain Authority:  

Domain authority is the strength of your website.  Google has trademarked “PageRank” after their founder, Larry Page.  Page Ranking system is a numeric representation of your domain between 0 to 10.  The most popular websites will have a PageRank of 10 and the not so popular will have 0.

  1. Link Popularity:  

Google uses link popularity algorithms (defined as the number of links that lead to a particular page and the anchor text of the link) to rank websites for relevancy.   So in simple terms, the more links you have point to your website the more respect your websites gets from Google.  The links must come from a site that is relevant to yours.  Websites that are serious about their search engine visibility need to reach out to a SEO Specialist about starting a Link Building Campaign.

  1. Is your Site Social?  

Having presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Four Square, Pinterest, and Google Places will definitely help your site gain search engine visibility.  Google and other major search engines are using social signals when providing search results to users.  So go and grab as many Likes, Followers, & Pluses.  Speaking of Google+, be sure to have your company profile on Google+.  Is Google bias about giving your Google+ page additional visibility on their own search engine?  (I know the answer, but I will let my readers come to their own conclusion)

  1. Website Design Aesthetic / Page Layout:  

Have you checked how your website looks in Chrome, FireFox, and Safari?   Do you have a mobile or a responsive design website – How does your website look on different screen resolutions?  Google search algorithm now looks at your website Page Layout.  Users want content right way, and if they come to an unpleasing Landing Page they end up leaving.  This impacts your Bounce Rate – one of many other factors in Google’s Search algorithm. FYI – Bounce Rate is the number of users that left your website without viewing other pages.

Google changes their website ranking algorithm more than you think.  They have named it “Google Panda”.  In addition, there are over 200 factors that determine search engine visibility!  Collaborate with a SEO Specialist to determine the most effective way to improve online traffic and online revenue!

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